Expert Services

Free Pick-Up and Delivery – To Save You Time

Fashion Cleaners provides on demand or twice a week pickup and delivery to your home, office, or condo. You can use our stress-free app or set-up a regular bi-weekly pickup with convenient automatic billing. This feature eliminates the need to be home or interrupted at work to enjoy our services. Your driver will provide a yellow nylon bag to send any items in for cleaning.

Same Day / Express Cleaning Services

Our business is tailored to make your life easier by offering a variety of services including free twice a week regular pick-up & delivery service and On Demand service. The on-demand services which include express and overnight service available in Ft. Lauderdale are detailed below.

    Pick up by 10:00 am – returned by 7:00 pm every day except Sundays and holidays. (Additional charges apply)
    Pick-up by 5:00 pm – returned next morning before noon every day except weekends and holidays. (Additional charges apply)

Dry Cleaning

Fashion Cleaners guarantees to keep you looking your best. Our great team of garment care specialists ensure professional handling, returning all your clothes refreshed and looking there finest. Spotting, touch-up, inspections, and minor repairs have been included in our service since 1952. We provide environmentally friendly facilities and recycle 98% of the materials used in our services.


Have you ever dreamed of someone else doing your laundry? Let us make that dream come true and bring your laundry to us. Don’t worry about separating out your whites and colors. Leave that to us! We love laundry and we’ll take good care of yours for you. Just put all of your laundry in our special VIP bag and we’ll get your clothes back to you in fresh folded piles so all you have to do is put them away.

Just think of all the time you’ll have to do something else. You’ll have more time to spend with your family and loved ones, a last minute shopping trip, charity work, a game of golf or lunch with friends. Now that’s a dream come true.


As a Sanitone® Certified Master Drycleaner Fashion Cleaners utilizes their exclusive Platinum® Shirt Laundry Process. We guarantee you will get the whitest-white along with the most vivid colors. The finished detailing of crisp cuffs and collars conveys the professional look you want.

The Sanitone Platinum Process is specially formulated to work at lower water temperatures through the use of 14 high-tech enzymes, eliminating the need for harsh bleaches and abrasive alkalis that attack clothing fibers. Let us help you keep your favorite shirts in your closet longer.

Wash, Dry and Fold Services

With the hectic pace of life, expectations of our time, or if you just deserve a little break – try our W/D/F services. Our W/D/F can give you back your most precious asset – your time. Let us do the laundry – we wash, dry, and hand fold your laundry – and can pick-up & deliver to your home. We can take over that weekly chore – giving you the break you deserve.


Are some of your favorite items of clothing sitting in a pile waiting small mending such as sewing on a new button or repairing a seam? If you have one a pile such as this, bring it to us, and we will get those clothes back in your closet in no time.

Fashion Cleaners can replace buttons on items such as shirts, blouses and coats, repair or replace zippers on jackets and sleeping bags, take up or lower hemlines of skirts, pants and dresses, and loosen or tighten seams of any of your items of clothing. Our finest tailors will work with you to alter any clothing items to your current needs.


A wedding, a charity function, a night on the town. Sometimes a formal event can be fun, or just something to get ready for. Whether you’ve planned for your event for a long time, or received a last minute invitation, we can help make getting ready for your event a little easier. We understand the intricacies of fine gowns and custom suits and tuxedos. We know how to clean and press with a delicate hand for the best results. Try us and you’ll see the quality of our care.


Most people will agree that the best place to be in a 24 hour period is your bed. And we all want our beds to be as comfy as they can be. Bedspreads, Comforters and sheets that are always at their cleanest make your environment feel even better. You might be used to cleaning your own bedding items, but give us a try and we’ll help you care for your bedding so that it stays as new as it can throughout the years.

Gown Preservation and Restoration

Keep the memory of your favorite day for a lifetime. Let Fashion Cleaners clean and preserve your wedding gown with our state of the art vacuum seal process. We will thoroughly inspect your gown before cleaning for any unseen sugar stains along with repairing from wear and tear of the day. Our professional staff is here to ensure that your gown gets the care it needs. We guarantee all of our work. Contact us to learn more.